Marquis embodies perfection in the art of yacht building.

Marquis’ Corporate headquarters and yacht yard are located in the inland seas region of the United States where generations of skilled craftsmen have been building the world’s finest yachts and ships since the early 1800′s.  This heritage runs through the veins of all who work at Marquis, bringing an experience and passion to our craft unmet anywhere else in the world.  
Each Marquis is hand built by a team of vastly experienced  yacht builders and technicians who are as passionate about building the finest yachts… as you are in owning one. The prestige of the Marquis brand has been earned by building substantial vessels regarded by experienced yachtsmen throughout the world as superior in styling, design and construction. A Marquis reflects not only your sense of style but also your ability to own the best built yacht of its kind.

Marquis quality is strikingly different.

It is typical for other yacht builders to outsource the design and installation of electrical and plumbing systems as well as cabinetry construction, upholstery fabrication and other critical components. In doing this they are, in essence, assemblers of other company’s products and are limited by their supplier’s capabilities, timeframes and quality standards. Marquis is unique and superior because we build nearly every subcomponent and critical system ourselves and are immersed in every minute detail in the creation of each vessel.
The results are yachts with the ultimate in distinctive style, unmatched fit and finish and proven operational reliability. This quality and uncommon attention to detail says a lot about the Marquis brand and the person who owns one.

Whether you’re entertaining at dockside or making an offshore passage in a Force 7 gale – a Marquis will never fail to impress all onboard.

Marquis is a substantial yacht. Substance not built from flamboyant promotions or superficial rhetoric. Marquis substance is tangible, built into our yachts by experienced craftsmen who only do things the right way – the Marquis way.
Marquis quality goes much deeper than the obvious. While all yachts are luxurious on the surface, all brands are not constructed to the same quality standards. Because Marquis is a substantial yacht, we have chosen to build all sport yachts and motor yachts to meet or exceed CE Class ‘A’ – Ocean standards – the most rigid and highly scrutinized CE category. We are not required to do this and you will be surprised how many of the other well known brands are not built to this high standard.  

But the Marquis brand represents premium quality in every aspect of every yacht, even those areas deep within the bilge that you may never see. The feeling you get while onboard a Marquis is like the feeling you have while driving your premium quality motor car.  

Superior engineering and workmanship surrounds you and envelopes your senses. Seemingly small details combine to create an environment of supreme quality. This is an environment you are accustomed to. With Marquis you will never have to compromise your personal standards.


Every Marquis Yacht owner has my personal pledge that we will provide whatever support is necessary to ensure the finest ownership experience in boating. As a Marquis owner, if you ever have a problem that cannot be remedied by your local dealer, I promise that the right technical experts will be assigned to aid that dealer in solving your problem.

Rob Parmentier
President & CEO
Marquis Yachts